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Debt Relief for Pawtucket Resident

Daniel W.* of Pawtucket, RI., was referred to Janet Goldman’s practice in the midst of financial turmoil. He was still in the process of resolving a difficult divorce which had forced him from his home. Separation from a partner can be a messy process, but dissolving a marriage can be particularly complicated and will typically incur heavy financial burdens for one or both parties.

The Costly Aftermath of Divorce

With no real estate, high medical bills, and a substantial amount of unsecured debt, Daniel was struggling. The house which Daniel had shared with his wife was granted to her in the settlement, yet he remained solely responsible for the home equity loan on the property. Forced from his home and unable to work due to Parkinson’s disease, he was quickly losing ground with his enormous debt: $20,000 in medical bills, an $80,000 loan and $38,000 on unsecured credit cards. In addition, several lawsuits with creditors were pending from as recent as March and April.

Unable to afford assisted living or a new apartment, Daniel was left with little other choice than to move in with his girlfriend and her 21 year old son. His poor health required constant care from his new partner which prevented her from working full time. The family was left to survive on Daniel’s Social Security checks, which, after food and basic living supplies, did not leave much for paying the bills.

Finding Financial Relief

Once Daniel made contact with Janet, she advised him to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy due to his qualifying financial situation. The bankruptcy would effectively discharge all of his remaining debt. Janet helped him and his family to prepare for the arranged hearing. At the time of the hearing, Daniel was too ill to attend in person. Rather than wait months for another opportunity to present his case, Janet arranged for permission from the court for Daniel to attend via telephone.

Thanks to Janet’s efforts, Daniel was able to successfully file Ch 7 bankruptcy and was relieved of the stress of his overbearing financial debt. Finally, he was free from the harassing phone calls of debt collectors and the pending lawsuits against him were dropped. After experiencing so much emotional turmoil, the relief was immediate. In the aftermath, he now has the opportunity to move on with his life with a fresh start, free from the looming anxiety of financial debt.

*Indicates names have been changed.

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