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Are you a Rhode Island Resident Considering Filing for Bankruptcy by Yourself?

Filing bankruptcy on your own is a daunting, but not necessarily impossible task. Bankruptcy law is federal, so Rhode Island residents considering filing for bankruptcy can follow the same basic process people residing in other states might follow. That being said, there are also local bankruptcy rules, so a layperson managing his or her own bankruptcy needs to navigate complex local and federal rules.

The main reason people consider filing for bankruptcy without hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is to save money, but frequently, they end up costing themselves considerably more than the attorney fees they avoided.  Many Rhode Island residents who started down the road of filing a bankruptcy petition by themselves have hired me to successfully complete the bankruptcy proceedings after things started to go awry. Had they not hired me, their case would likely have been dismissed and if they hired a competent bankruptcy lawyer at the outset, the entire process would have been far less stressful and much more affordable.

Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney

The main reason Rhode Islanders should hire a bankruptcy attorney is to protect their assets. The bankruptcy code is a complex set of laws with many potential disasters for the individual filing. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you avoid these pitfalls and accomplish your goals. It is understandable that people considering filing for bankruptcy are trying to save every last penny, but I strongly encourage you not to be penny wise and pound foolish. The potential costs of layperson mistakes can be life-altering and astronomical.

“Janet Goldman is a great bankruptcy attorney. She helped me through the most difficult time of my life with an understanding and in a truly caring way. Her knowledge of what to do and [her] guidance was incredible. She made the experience much better than I ever anticipated. (I would highly recommend that she be the attorney you turn to for help. There is nobody better in the state.)”

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