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Loan Modification can Make All the Difference

Because of the recent and dramatic increase in home foreclosures, there is a good deal of confusion and misinformation about resolving debts legally.

The Janet Goldman Law Office has the experience and the knowledge to help you decide whether some type of “Loan Modification” is the best way for you avoid foreclosure on your home. With our help, you may be able to restructure your debt and create a repayment scenario that will work for you and for your creditor.

If you qualify for a loan modification, your interest rate, as well as your monthly mortgage payment may be reduced. If there is currently an arrearage on your mortgage, that amount of money may be placed at the end of your note.

Because there are so many legal options, it’s important for you to get experienced legal advice as soon as possible. At the Janet Goldman Law Office, your first meeting is free of charge and we can tell you which of the many possible solutions is best for you. Call us at (401) 785-2300.

“Mrs. Goldman was an excellent attorney representing my case and with a solid outcome. She was very professional and well versed in the details of my case. [Janet] was trustworthy, responsive, and kept me informed. Her constant attention to detail and thorough knowledge of how to navigate through the rough legal waters was a huge confidence builder. (I would not change a thing regarding how she handled the case.)”

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