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Advocating for Safe Medical Care for Everyone

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional does not meet the required standards in caring for a patient, resulting in injury or even death.

However, simply a bad outcome, no matter how tragic, is not sufficient enough to file a medical malpractice suit. There must be proof that the doctor or medical professional was in the wrong, directly resulting in said injury. Despite the number of well-trained, compassionate doctors that practice within the state of Rhode Island, it is inevitable that there are a few that are responsible for a large number of mistakes.

Our clients tend to file these suits as a preventive measure, to make sure that such professionals don’t inflict harm on another patient. While we advise patients not to seek litigation, in the case that we accept a claim, we are certain that the client is completely justified in filing their lawsuit.

As a result, we make sure to effectively work with the best professionals at the leading teaching hospitals and medical centers all around the country, in order to obtain the proper research that you need for your claim. It is imperative to us that we file your claim with the best evidence and expert testimonies at trial.

Malpractice has many definitions that vary from case to case. This includes:

  • Birth trauma as a result of delayed Caesarean-section, which can lead to both cognitive disabilities and physical handicaps.
  • Misidentifying the mother’s heartbeat from the child’s heartbeat during pregnancy.
  • Obstetrical negligence during pregnancy, causing harm to the mother.
  • Late diagnosis of various cancers.
  • Surgical errors, anesthesia errors, or unnecessary surgery.
  • Radiology mistakes, such as the misreading of x-rays and MRIs.
  • Pathology errors, such as the misreading of biopsies.
  • Delays in treatment or care due to miscommunication between doctor and patient.
  • Errors in prescribing, administering, or refilling medications.
  • Infections resulting from poor sanitation.
  • Administrative errors.

My wife passed away during a failed knee replacement surgery. My teenage sons and I thought we would never get out lives back after that. We were lucky to have Attorney Goldman in our time of need, as she was able to assist us both in the financial burden, and through our grief. We received the justice we needed through Attorney Goldman, and now our lives are back on track.

How We Use Evidence to Win Medical Malpractice Cases

From the beginning of the case, we utilize various types of “demonstrative evidence” to bring understanding to every possible perspective of your claim. These types of evidence include:

  • Medical calendars and timelines that both summarize a patient’s treatment, as well as display the crucial dates in which the malpractice occurred.
  • Charts explaining when specific standards initially took effect.
  • Case-specific medical illustrations that pertain to anatomy, surgical procedures, or progressions of an illness.
  • CT scans, MRIs, and x-rays that display relevant errors, along with enlargements of microscopic images.
  • Fetal monitor strips to indicate key times of labor.
  • Case-specific models from our inventory or created by our own artists.

Due to the necessary time to file a claim, it is important for those filing to get an attorney as soon as possible after suspecting malpractice.

No legal fees until we win

We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that until we have gotten you the settlement or justice you need, you won’t be charged any attorney fees.

Our trial attorneys are available to represent families in cases of fatal accidents, as well as traumatic physical and brain injuries. We offer free consultations, home and hospital visits, flexible office hours, and free processing of medical bills.

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