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“I was struck by a commercial vehicle and suffered serious brain damage as a result. After having to be rescued from my car, I was immediately rushed to surgery, which resulted in a large hospital bill. Thanks to Janet Goldman, I received $3,000,000 in damages. Now I’m able to recover quickly, without having to worry about debt.”

“I was rear-ended and experienced severe whiplash, raking up a hefty hospital bill. Ms. Goldman got me the compensation I needed to go to physical therapy, and because of her, I was able to go right back to work.”

“My wife passed away during a failed knee replacement surgery. My teenage sons and I thought we would never get out lives back after that. We were lucky to have Attorney Goldman in our time of need, as she was able to assist us both in the financial burden, and through our grief. We received the justice we needed through Attorney Goldman, and now our lives are back on track.”

“My daughter collided with another player at a soccer practice, and received a bad concussion. Thanks to Attorney Janet Goldman, we received $10,000 in damages to help my daughter through physical therapy. Now she’s back on the field, feeling stronger than ever.”

“I was being continually harassed by a coworker. I felt trapped, like I would never see an end to the situation. Luckily, I consulted Attorney Janet Goldman, and she made sure that coworker was brought to justice. Now, I feel much safer in my workplace.”

“My mother had a slip and fall at her nursing home. The staff didn’t react in a timely manner, and because of that experienced permanent damage to her hip. We contacted Attorney Janet Goldman immediately, and she was able to get us the compensation we needed for the medical bills in a timely manner. We couldn’t have asked for a better attorney.”

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