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Debt Settlement: An Alternative to Bankruptcy

No two financial situations are quite the same. That’s why at Janet Goldman Law Offices, we help clients explore various options and decide on the one that fits their specific needs.

Declaring bankruptcy might not be the best solution for you, in which case Janet Goldman Law Offices can help you explore other ways to settle your debt that will fend off aggressive creditors and help get your financial house back in order.

Please note that resolving debt problems is a highly individualized process in which we can provide years of experience and a thorough knowledge of Rhode Island’s current debt settlement laws. What’s more, having legal representation tells your creditors in no uncertain terms that this matter will be settled fairly and judiciously.

“She was kind, smart, and fair. Her legal fees are very fair and the work you receive from her and her office staff is worth it. (She is someone I recommend to anybody who asks me about bankruptcy. I wish all of the difficult times in my life could have been made this easy.) She is truly a gem in the bankruptcy world.”


What is Debt Settlement?

Simply put, Debt Settlement is a way to create a sensible repayment plan that will satisfy creditors while allowing you to keep your property and put an end to oppressive calls and threats.

On your first free visit with Janet Goldman, we will explore your various options and begin the process of settling your debts in the way that best suits your needs and your way of life.

There Are Laws That Protect You From Creditor Harassment.

Once your creditor has placed his account in the “debt collection category,” there are certain laws that dictate how a collector can proceed.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is designed to protect debtors from abusive and excessive phone calls, and prohibits creditors from contacting your family, friends or business associates regarding your credit problems.

At Janet Goldman Law Offices, we are very familiar with the intricacies of these laws and can help make sure that you receive the protection these statutes provide.

Very often we can determine in our first free meeting with a client which of the many legal options they can pursue.

There Are Ways to Head Off Wage Garnishment And Bank Attachment.

In many instances, the first reaction of people to whom you owe money is to go to court to have your wages garnished. Even though there are limitations on the actual amount they can garnish, it is really important to head off this action and avoid a default judgment quickly.

The garnishment laws are extremely complex. Thanks to our years of experience, we can often prove that in many cases a creditor’s claim has been improperly filed, or that the statute of limitations has run out. But only if you, the debtor, files an immediate response can these problems be dealt with and fended off most effectively.

We have been able to help many clients avoid wage garnishments completely using legal debt settlement methods.

Avoid Foreclosure And Stay In Your Home.

Rhode Island law says that a lender has a right to reclaim ownership of your property if you’ve fallen behind on your monthly payments. They also have the right to sell the property and if legally approved, can use the money to payoff your mortgage making themselves the sole owner.

In many cases your lender may not be willing or able to assist you. Often owners fall so far behind that they can see no way out of their predicament. Before you reach this point, with our help you can find out exactly what legal alternatives are available to you.

Through the years many of our clients have told us that once they’d met with us and were shown all their options, there was a great sense of relief and a confidence that their situation was not unmanageable.

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