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Father's Rights

At The Law Office of Janet J. Goldman, we acknowledge the stereotype that when a couple separates, the mother is often viewed as the parent the child should primarily be with while the father is relegated to a part-time parent at best. When it comes to matters concerning children, the standard in court is: The best interest of the child. At The Law Office of Janet J. Goldman, we hold ourselves to the same standard. We understand the importance of children maintaining strong relationships with each of their parents and will advocate for you and your child to have a continued, meaningful relationship throughout the separation and divorce process, and after that.

Sean, Cumberland, RI

If you have ever thought about or need an attorney Janet Goldman should be a first choice she and her staff are very knowledgeable and above all else caring. Janet and her staff have taken the time to go above and beyond for my self and my family on multiple occasions and I know whole heartedly that if I ever need her again she would be there with out blinking an eye. Janet thank you and your staff from the bottom of my heart. I can highly recommended her service and remember when you do just follow the “Golden rules” and what would otherwise be one of the hardest ordeals a family could go through will be as easy as it can get.

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