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Sports and Recreation Injuries

Keeping Our Athletes and Children Safe

When enrolling your child in a sport or recreation program, both you as a parent along with your child have the right to safe facilities and trained instructors and staff. Your child’s goal within these programs is to learn and practice a sport, and while every sport has a risk of injury, it is imperative that they receive the proper training they need to prevent that risk.

Claims regarding sports and recreation injuries can include:

  • The hiring of inadequate staff or instructors.
  • Poor instruction from staff, instructors, or participants.
  • Overcrowding of program.
  • Lack of stable security provided by the program.
  • Unsafe or unmaintained equipment or practice areas.
  • Incorrect or missing signage or warnings.
  • Lack of emergency medical care or proper procedures.

My daughter was injured after a slip and fall during a soccer practice, and received a bad concussion. Thanks to Attorney Janet Goldman, we received $10,000 in damages to help my daughter through physical therapy. Now she’s back on the field, feeling stronger than ever.

Recovering Damages Due to Recreation and Sports Accidents

We have the ability to process general claims, which include:

  • Loss of earning capacity and rehabilitation costs.
  • Medical bills for required treatment.
  • Compensation for physical, emotional, and mental pain as a result of the incident.
  • Compensation for spouse or child for emotional pain as a result of the injured party.

Utilizing Evidence to Win Sport and Recreation Claims

Like the other claims we specialize in, our firm utilizes “demonstrative evidence” to get you the compensation or justice you deserve as a result of your suffering. These forms of key evidence include:

  • Photo and video proof of the accident sequence, as well as reenactments.
  • Photographs, digital enhancements, and blueprints of the relevant recreational facilities.
  • Digitally enhanced photographs of the correct accident prevention equipment that should have been utilized in the incident.
  • Sports memorabilia and literature explaining the enforced standards and longstanding knowledge of the risks and proper execution of sports practices.
  • Instructional video footage explaining knowledge of risk and injury, as well as correct sporting practices.
  • Digital technology, including color-enhanced CT scans and x-rays, case-specific medical diagrams, and medical calendars and timelines relevant to the claim.

No legal fees until we win

We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that until we have gotten you the settlement or justice you need, you won’t be charged any attorney fees.

Our trial attorneys are available to represent families in cases of fatal accidents, as well as traumatic physical and brain injuries. We offer free consultations, home and hospital visits, flexible office hours, and free processing of medical bills.

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